2020 U.S. Open Skeet iShoot -- Sauk Prairie Trap and Skeet

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In order to increase participation, both from shooters and host clubs, the NSSA will be organizing the 2020 US Open as a satellite shoot or "iShoot". Sauk Prairie Trap and Skeet was selected as one of the satellite locations! Although it is quite early and not all details have been specified, please put this on your shoot calendar for next year:

HoF and Billy Spears Award Deadlines Approaching

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WSSA State Shoot Results

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You can find the results (scores and WI awards) here. The Champ of Champ winners were David Savolainen (1st), Paul Friesen (2nd), and (3rd). Matt Savolainen won the bracket challenge and Henry Duwe claimed the all-state challenge.

The fine story of first champions, etc. will follow.

2018 WSSA State Shoot Online Program

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Wisconsin Skeeters, the online program for the 2018 state shoot has been posted. This year we will be back at Sauk Prairie and we'll be debuting a new 5-person, 2-rotation format. Please send your squad reservation requests to me (


Mike Peterson is Bald Eagle's Top Gun

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By Lee Thomas
July 6, 2018

Mike Peterson, winner of three title at the 2015 World Skeet Championships, was the Bald Eagle
’s top gun.  The Bald Eagle Skeet Shoot was held at Sauk Prairie Trap and Skeet Club June 30-July 1, 2018 in Prairie du Sac, Wisconsin. Peterson posted a 392 HOA event score and a 489 in the HAA event edging out Rick Curtin who posted a 487 and a 388.

Shooters found the weather hot, but tolerable. When the first flight of the 12-gauge event took to the fields at 9AM it was 82 degrees and felt like 90 in the shade. Shooters coped with the high temperatures and humidity by drinking lots of bottled water. The order of the day: hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

There were no perfect scores in the 12-gauge event. Mark Reichow and Rick Curtin each posted 98’s.  Reichow was triumphant in the shoot for the CH, with Curtin
earning RU.  A trio of 97’s went to stations 3,4,5 to decide AA1, AA2, and AA3.  Mike Peterson was the last shooter standing, taking AA1, Mike Hass was AA2 and Paul Friesen was AA3.  In class A, Jim Perpich (96) A1 and Jim Decker (94) was A2.  Class B went to Joe Marr (97), B2 went to Gary Wipperfurth (96) and B3 went to Don Kelly (95).  Craig Storm (95) won C1, Woody Niles (94) was C2 and Dave Hill (94) was C3.  Ken Schmirler (91) was D1.

The temperature was 91 degrees by 11am, and still climbing. A pair of 99’s was posted in the 20-gauge event by Rick Curtin and Mike Peterson.  When the smell of gun powder cleared the air, Curtin emerged as CH, with RU going to Peterson.  Gary Wipperfurth (98) was AA1, Henry Duwe (97) was AA2, and Paul Friesen (96) won AA3.  Jeff Renk’s 96 earned him the top spot in Class B.  Craig Storm (94) was B2, and B3 went to Dave Hill (94). Ken Schmirler (92) was C1 and Don Kelly (90) was C2.

By the time the first doubles flight took to the fields around 2pm, the temperature was approaching 94. Rick Curtin missed one target in the Doubles event, turning in a 99 to take CH.  Mike Peterson’s 97 earned him RU.  In Class A, Mike Hass (97) was A1, Henry Duwe (93) was A2 and Paul Friesen (91) was A3.  Don Kelly (92) took the top spot in Class B.  Dave Hill (89) was B2 and Joe Marr (86) was B3.  Ken Schmirler (93) was king of the hill in Class C with Craig Storm (90) taking C2.

After the shoot offs, we settled into the clubhouse for cold beverages (compliments of SPTS), hors d’ oeuvre (compliments of Subway and Milio’s) and conversation before dinner.  You’d think that conversations would be mostly about how hot it is and the target that was missed.  But it wasn’t. Folks were glad to see other, talked about who wasn’t shooting, new guns, new babies, new jobs, surgeries, grandchildren, new skeet machines. For dinner Yvonne served us, roast beef sandwiches, baked beans, potato salad, and a variety of cookies for desert.

The hotness and humidity gave way to rain showers Saturday night after dinner.  It brought a welcomed reprieve, and an end to what had been a sweltering day at the Bald Eagle. 

Sunday morning saw temperatures moderated.  Michael Peterson got them all in the 28-gauge event to take CH.  Paul Friesen (99) was RU.  Gary Wipperfurth (98) took AA1, Mark Reichow (97) was AA2 and Jim Decker (97) was AA3.  In Class A, Henry Duwe (92) was A1.  Craig Storm (96) took B1 and Woody Niles (93) won C1.

Going into the .410 bore event Sunday afternoon, one target separated Mike Peterson and Rick Curtin, 393 to 392, from the championship podium.  Neither shooter talked about it openly, but champions always know the score. They have been there.  Many times, before.      

Peterson and Curtin both ran the first .410 box.  In the second box Peterson dropped Low 1 and High 5.  Curtin also missed two targets in his second box, Low 1 Singles and the option.  They both turned in 48.  The third box was not compassionate to Peterson.  He lost High 1 while Curtin ran his third box.  After the third box, the HAA event was all tied at 465.  In his last .410 box, Curtin missed a Low 6 Doubles, and the option.  At station 8, Peterson dropped the high house and Curtin missed the Low house.  Peterson’s 24 edged out Curtin, who scored 22, for the HAA title by two targets, 489 to 487.

While Peters
on and Curtin were shooting for the HOA HAA titles, Craig Strom quietly took care business by shooting a 97 to take the .410 CH. Peterson (96) was RU, Curtin (95) took AA1, Paul Friesen (94) earned AA2, and Jim Decker (94) was AA3.  Gary Wipperfurth (94) won A1, Henry Duwe’s 94 earned him B1, with B2 going to Woody Niles (93).

ZONE 5 NOTE:  Sauk Prairie Trap and Skeet Club will host the Zone 5 Skeet Championships on August 10-12, 2018.  Zone 5 consist of nine states:  Iowa, Illinois, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin.  See: for more information.


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By Lee Thomas
June 27, 2018

As late April approaches in Wisconsin, skeet shooters start thinking of warmer weather, and sun shine.  In the skeet shooting community, it marks the end of hibernation (unless, of course, you were fortunate to go south or west) and the beginning of registered skeet shooting in Wisconsin.  It’s the time to find your skeet gun, dust it off, get re-acquainted, and become one again.

The start of registered skeet shooting in Wisconsin begins with the Milt McPike Memorial Skeet Shoot held on Saturday, April 28, 2018.  The forecast called for temperatures in the 60’s.  That would have been great.  But then again, we live in Wisconsin.  It was no where near 60 degrees.  It didn’t matter, we got our guns, put on extra layers, took to the fields and had an awesome time, all 14 of us.

In the 12-gauge event, Paul Friesen took AA with 50 with Henry Duwe was AA1 with 46.  Gary Wipperfurth’s 44 took A1. In Class B Jeff Renk’s 49 earned him B1; Greg Schweppe (48) was B2 and Jenny Notstad (45) was B3.  In Class C Robert St Clair’s (44) took C1, Woody Niles (42) earned C2 and Lee Thomas (37) earned C3.  In Class D Tyler Ruhland took D1 with a 49; D2 went to Joshua Corbin with 44, Tom Schumacher took D3 with a 43 and Tim Asp turned in a 43 for the top spot in Class E.

A pair of 50’s was shot-off in the 20-gauge event by Paul Friesen and Gary Wipperfurth.  Wipperfurth emerged as Champ with Friesen taking AA1.  Henry Duwe took A1 with a 49, Greg Schweppe’s 48 earned him B1, Bob St. Clair’s 46 was C1, and Tom Schumacher was D1 with a 42.

Gary Wipperfurth bested all shooters in the 28-gauge event with a 49 to take the top spot.  Paul Friesen’s 47 took AA1.  Greg Schweppe and Jenny Notstad shot-off a pair of 46’s for the top spot in Class A.  When the target stopped flying, Schweppe was the victor.  Jeff Renk was
B1 with 46, Woody Niles was C1 with 47 and Steve Hutchings was D1 with 42.

Paul Friesen was top gun in the .410 Bore event with a 49.  Henry Duwe took A1 with a 46.  Woody Niles shot a 47 to take Class B. The Doubles Event saw Paul Friesen’s 50 earn first place.  Gary Wipperfurth shot a 48 to take A1.  Henry Duwe was B1 with a 48, and Jeff Renk was C1 with 48.

Paul Friesen was HOA (4 guns) with 196 and HAA (5 guns) with a 246.

ABOUT MILT MCPIKE:  The Milt McPike Memorial Skeet Shoot is name in honor of Milton McPike who was an American educator, a San Francisco 49ers football player, and the principal of Madison East High School for 23 years. He also served on the Board of Regents for the University of Wisconsin-Madison.    East High School was established in 1922, making it the oldest public high school still operating in Madison, Wisconsin. Long viewed as a school attended by students from blue-collar families, who were themselves destined for the trades, East High School was transformed by McPike's relentless insistence on respect yourself, respect others and academic excellence. In 1989, the U.S. Department of Education chose East High School as a National High School of Excellence. In 1990, Reader's Digest placed McPike among 10 American Heroes in Education.”

McPike was born October 9, 1939 in Jacksonville, Illinois. He played high school football with boxer Ken Norton. He attended Northeast Missouri State University Teacher's College (now Truman State University) from 1958 to 1962. He was a 12th-round draft pick by the San Francisco 49ers. Following his NFL experience, McPike taught and coached sports for 11 years in Quincy, Illinois.

McPike was avid skeet shooter at Middleton and later at Sauk Prairie.  He and his side-kick, Lee Thomas, started shooting skeet at Middleton Sportsmen Club in 1992.  The two of them could be found getting shooting lessons from Chuck Dorn, and anyone else they could learn from.  When Middleton closed, they began shooting at Sauk Prairie Trap and Skeet Club. For Milt, the acquisition of shotguns, showing them to fellow-shooters, shooting them for a while, and then trading them for another gun was what he loved most.  The Sauk Prairie Trap and Skeet Club is honored to have had the opportunity to share our time with Milt McPike.  A bench, dedicated in his spirit, sits adjacent to field 5 as a testament to him. 

2018 Zone V Skeet Shoot in Wisconsin!

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Dear Wisconsin and Zone 5 Skeet Shooters, 

This year, the State of Wisconsin has the honor of hosting the NSSA Zone 5 Skeet Championships.  This three-day competition (Friday-Sunday, August 10-12) will be held at Sauk Prairie Trap & Skeet (, which is also the site of the 2018 Wisconsin State Championships.  The SPT&S Zone 5 Committee has been working hard for a full year to prepare for this summer’s championships.  The competition will accommodate 120 skeet shooters from eight Zone 5 states, including Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, Minnesota, and our own Wisconsin.  The Club will feature all new skeet machines, new fences, skeet shelters, and perfect weather!  The Championships will be highlighted by a Friday evening reception with traditional Wisconsin brats and brews, sponsored by friends of SPT&S.  The bountiful Zone 5 Banquet will be held Saturdayevening after the shootoffs.

The SPT&S Committee invites all shooters to compete in these annual NSSA championships.  Pre-registration is required.  Please fill out the registration form (click here to download theform) and send it along with your deposit to Paul Friesen (address on form) by July 15.  Rotation choices should be indicated on the same form. For more information on the shoot schedule, RV camping at the club, hotel accommodations, and attractions, go to the Zone 5 website ( 

Questions can be sent to Henry Duwe ( or Paul Friesen ( 

We hope to see a great turnout of Wisconsin shooters to carry on our shooting traditions – see you there!

Shoot straight,

The SPT&S Zone 5 Committee


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Prairie du Sac, WI – Sauk Prairie Trap & Skeet

July 23, 2017

By Lee Thomas

At his first World Shoot at Savannah in 1990, he was Runner-Up in the .410 Bore event.  That same year, he and Jim Dawson won the .410 Bore 2-man world title with a 199 X 200.  In 1992 at Savannah, Mark Reichow outlasted twenty-six competitors with perfect scores in the doubles event.  When the smoke cleared, he was the last shooter standing to become the World Doubles Champion.  Let’s fast forward twenty-five years to the 2017 Bald Eagle.  Reichow didn’t post a perfect a score in doubles, but he did post perfect scores in the 12, 28 and 20-gauge events. 

Randy Riehle -- Black Hawk Restaurant & Gym Bar and Grill 12ga Champion

Saturday morning, shooters took to the skeet fields of Sauk Prairie Trap & Skeet for the Black Hawk & Gym Bar and Grill 12-Gauge Championships. They were equipped with over and under and auto loading shotguns chambered with 12-gauge, 20-gauge and some with 28-gauge shot shells with the intent of “getting them all.”  Before station one everyone had perfect scores.  But by the end of the fourth box only two shooters managed to break all 8 at low 8 for a perfect score.  It was Mark Reichow and Randy Riehle.  Riehle bested Reichow in a shoot-off to secure the championship.  Reichow took AA1.   Paul Friesen’s 97 earned him AA2.  Jim Decker’s 99 took A1, Henry Duwe’s 97 got A2 and David Ruokolainen’s 95 took A3.  Jeff Varney and Jeff Renk shot-off a pair of 97’s in class B.  Varney won the shoot-off and B2 went to Renk.  Craig Storm’s 96 won B3.  Greg Schweppe (98) took C1, David Savolainen (96) was C2 and Dylan Ruokolainen (95) took C3.  Ross Petty (92) was D1, Brett Mittelstaedt (91) was D2, and Lee Thomas (91) took D3. Ken Schmirler (90) was E1.

Mark Reichow -- Wilderness Fish and Game 20ga Champion

The Wilderness Fish and Game 20-Gauge Championships saw three perfect scores; Mark Reichow, Jim Decker and Paul Friesen. During the shoot-offs, Reichow outlasted Decker and Friesen, and Decker outlasted Friesen. Reichow took CH, Decker AA1 and Friesen AA2.  Gary Wehlage’s 99 took A1, Jeff Varney took A2 with 98.  David Savolainen, Greg Schweppe and Randy Riehle shot-off a trio of 97’s to decide A3. Savolainen won the shoot-off to take A3.  David Ruokolainen posted a 99 to earn him B1 with B2 going to Doug Stebbins who posted a 96 and Jeff Renk’s 95 took B3.  In Class C, Don Ruokolainen took C1 with a 94, Ross Petty (93) was C2, and Ken Schmirler (93) was C3.

James ''Jimmy" Decker -- Ballweg Chevrolet Doubles Champion

There were no perfect scores in the Ballweg Chevrolet Doubles Championships.  But Jim Decker did post a 99 that earned him the championship.  Mark Reichow turned in a 95 to secure AA1.  Paul Friesen’s 93 earned him A1.  Henry Duwe was A2 (92) and Gary Wipperfurth (90) was A3.  In class B, David Savolainen won B1 with a 96, Don Kelly’s 94 took B2 and Jeff Varney won B3 with 93. In class C, Randy Riehle (91) took C1, C2 went to Craig Storm (87) and C3 to Jeff Renk (86).  Lee Thomas won D1 with 85. 

After Saturday afternoon shoot-offs, shooters and their families along with workers and invited guests retreated to the clubhouse for hors d’oeuvres and adult beverages.  Thanks to Wyttenbach’s Meats and Milio’s Sandwiches, everyone had something tasty to hold in their hand to munch on while checking out all the great silent auction items.  By now the club house was filled with the smell of wood smoked ribs, brisket, chicken and baked beans.  It was time to eat, thanks to PA ‘PA’s BBQ.  The BBQ had a supporting cast of potato salad, sweet corn on the cobb and cornbread muffins.  It was good smelling, good tasting meal. After we had eaten all that we could, the silent auction got under way.  Thank you to our merchant partners: Blue Spoon Restaurant, Cabala’s, Culver’s, the Shoe Box, MEC, Kolar Arms, Vortex, Woodshed Ale House.  Another successful auction was in the books.

Sunday morning shooters had overcast skies and high humidity.  By the afternoon, shooters had mostly cloudy and scattered clouds with temperatures around 82 and humid. Great sweating weather for some competitors and great shooting weather for others. Mark Reichow posted the only perfect score to become the uncontested White Flyer 28-gauge champion.  Meanwhile, Paul Friesen, Gary Wipperfurth, and Doug Stebbins shot-off 99’s.  When the smoke cleared, Friesen was the last one standing to take AA1, Wipperfurth was AA2 and Stebbins took AA3.  David Savolainen’s 98 took A1, Jeff Varney was A2 with a 97, and Matt Riffe was A3 with a 96.  In Class B Randy Riehle (99) was B1. Jeff Renk and Gregg Schweppe shot off a pair of 97 with Renk taking B2 and Schweppe taking B3.  In Class C, Gary Wehlage’s 93 was enough to win C1 with Ross Petty (92) took C2, and Bob St Clair (91) was C3.  Lee Thomas won Class D with a 95.

No matter what scores are posted in the other main events, it seems to always come down to this: The Renk Seed .410 Bore event.  The .410 Bore has been called many things - some of which are not-so-nice. Historically it has been called the “equalizer.”  Some of the veteran (well older then) shooters will tell you that is why the .410 is last event.  But most shooters don’t talk about “when” it’s shot, they talk about “how” to shoot it; “aggressively.”  Not to matter, there were no perfect scores.  But Henry Duwe (a young shooter who didn’t get the above memo) posted a 99 to secure the uncontested top spot. Mark Reichow turned in a 97 that earned him AA1.  Paul Friesen and Dylan Ruokolainen shot-off a pair of 97’s in Class A to decide A1. Ruokolainen survived to take A1 and Friesen secured A2.  A trio of 95’s by Gary Wipperfurth, Matt Riffe and Jim Decker were left to determine A3.  Wipperfurth endured for A3.  Len Smith’s 94 was one target better than Randy Riehle to capture B1.  Riehle was B2 and Bob St Clair was B3.  Lee Thomas posted an 89 that won C1. Brett Mittelstaedt (84) was C2 and Ken Schmirler (84) was C3. 

Henry Duwe -- Renk Seed .410 Bore Champion

Mark Reichow’s four-gun total of 397 was four targets better than Paul Friesen to earn him the A.S.P. Financial HOA Champion.  Paul Friesen (393) took AA1 and Henry Duwe (390) was AA2.  Gary Wipperfurth (385) was A1, Jeff Varney (382) was A2 and David Ruokolainen (381) was A3. In Class B, Randy Riehle (389) was B1, David Savolainen (380) was B2, and Greg Schweppe (379) was B3. Lee Thomas (367) was C1, Ken Goldsworthy (360) was C2 and Don Ruokolainen (359) was C3.

Mark Reichow also captured the Leystra’s Restaurant HAA five-gun event by posting a 492. Paul Friesen put up a 486 to seal the deal in Class A. Henry Duwe shot a 482 to take A2 while A3 went to Gary Wipperfurth who posted a 475.  In Class B Randy Riehle’s 480 earned him B1.  David Savolainen took B2 by shooting a 476 and B3 went to Jeff Varney with 475. Don Ruokolainen took the top spot in Class C with 441.  Ken Goldsworthy earned C2 with 430 and C3 went to Tim Asp who posted a 351.  Lee Thomas posted a 452 to take D1.

The Bald Eagle Skeet Committee (Lee Thomas, Paul Friesen, Henry Duwe, & Gary Wipperfurth) want to give a shout out to all the volunteers and paid personnel who made the shoot a success, including Doug, Tim and Bob for cleaning the houses, loading targets and filling the machines, Elise for taking care of all the administrative office details, and Chelsea for running the clubhouse.  We especially thank the main event sponsors of the Bald Eagle Skeet Shoot: Black Hawk Restaurant, The Gym Bar and Grill, Wilderness Fish and Game, Ballweg Chevrolet, White Flyer, Renk Seed, A.S.P. Financial, and Leystra’s Restaurant for their contribution of added money ($1400 in total).  Our partners are awesome.

It was awesome weekend to shoot skeet with some awesome people from Green Bay, Upper Michigan, Michigan and North Bristol. 

2017 WSSA State Championships

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Shooters big and small, the WSSA State Championships are upon us! They begin this Friday, August 25 at Waukesha Gun Club. There are still a few spots open, so if you were on the fence, get your registration in now. For more information click here.

2017 Blackbird Trophy Winners

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Congrats to those taking home a blackbird trophy:
Jim Decker
Mike Peterson
Woody Niles
Larry Pentler
Paul Friesen
(Pictured below from left to right with Dave Maas representing Jim Decker):

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