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Blaser Skeet Classic

posted Apr 10, 2015, 1:25 PM by Michael Peterson

By: Dave Maas

Four shooters from Wisconsin made the trip from Green Bay and Milwaukee area to the great city of San Antonio, Texas, the home of the National Shooting Complex for the Blaser Skeet Classic on March 20th-22nd.

Friday Doubles

With rain/light drizzle predicted for most of the day, and the temperature around 70 degrees the Wisconsin shooters took the field at 4:00pm with light drizzle. Jack Tans took the VT 3rd with a 94, Along with Don Kelly taking VT Group 1 4th with an 89. Respectably Jim Decker with a score of 94 and Dave (Eggy) Maas with a 95.


Saturday 12ga and 20ga

Still having no luck with the weather it continued to rain/drizzle with a temp around 66 degrees for most of the day. Noon came along with the Wisconsin squad heading to the field with a light rain falling and a grey background for the 12ga event. Scores were respectable with Eggy leading the way with 100 straight, taking AA 1st and SU Group 1 #1. Jack Tans VT Group 1 #3 with a 96.  Don Kelly with VT Group 1 #4 with a 95. Jim Decker with a 98.

The 20ga event was held Saturday afternoon with no break in the weather, Eggy with a second hundred 100 straight on the day ended up taking AA 3rd and SU 3rd. Don Kelly took VT Group 1 1st. Jim Decker with a 97 and Jack Tans with a 91.


Sunday 28ga and 410

With a break in the weather on Sunday, sun and puffy clouds, and a high of 78 degree predicted everything seemed to dry out a bit. Wisconsin took the field early in the morning, 9:00am for the 28ga event… Jim Decker took high honors with a 99 and SR group 1 3rd. Don Kelly 98 VT RU. Jack Tans 96 VT Group 1 3rd. Eggy’s shorts must have been a little tight and shot a 95.

That afternoon with the sun shining and temperature around 80 degrees but a 10mph wind at times, the 410 event started. Eggy took the lead in this one missing the 2nd high house bird on station one, 1st round for a 99, taking AA3 and SU Group 1 2nd. Don Kelly VT RU with a 95. Jack Tans VT 3rd with a 94, and Jim Decker with a 92.


Dave Maas = 394/400

Jim Decker = 386/400

Don Kelly = 386/400

Jack Tans = 377/400