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Friesen Tops Wipperfurth at 2019 Bald Eagle

posted Jul 22, 2019, 6:31 AM by Lee Thomas   [ updated Jul 22, 2019, 6:32 AM ]
Shooters from Minnesota, Iowa, and the lower peninsulas of Michigan and Wisconsin converged on the Sauk Prairie Trap and Skeet grounds the morning of July 6 under an inauspicious rain cloud. Given the large number of fields and copious pullers shoot management sagely delayed the first rotation by an hour, allowing all to shoot under sunny skies.

Atticus Clark won the 12 gauge event outright with the lone 100 -- his first in the 12ga! Paul Friesen dropped a pesky high five in the fourth box to take runner-up. Michael Peterson and Jim Decker won AA1 and A1, respectively. David Michaelynn from Minnesota took B class with a 96 while Jeffrey "Mr Big Flinch" Renk won C class with a smooth 97. Another Minnesotan, Deon Thompson, took D class, while Jack Duwe won E class after taking a year off from competitive skeet. In her first registered event ever, Margie Duwe won Lady Champ.

In the 20 gauge event, Friesen hit all four high fives and the 96 other targets to win the event outright. Decker won runner-up by outlasting Michael Peterson (AA1) in a multi-box shoot-off of 99s. Clark won class A and Renk won class B, both with 97s. Woody Niles won class C and Lee Thomas won class D.

In Saturday's final event, Doubles, Gary Wipperfurth won with a walk-off 97. Peterson outlasted Decker (A1) in a shoot-off of 95 to claim runner-up. Clark, Michaelynn, and Thompson claimed B, C, and D, respectively. In a lightning-fast, one-station shoot-off, Henry Duwe defeated Paul Friesen for A2.

After all shoot-offs were settled, Atticus' hat was filled with targets, tossed in the air, and shot at in the traditional manner. Although his hat made a valiant escape attempt, including multiple fake deaths, it eventually succumbed to the relentless pursuit of legendary WI skeeters; all divots were replaced. Despite the delayed start on Saturday, shoot-offs were completed by the scheduled 6pm banquet dinner.

Sunday morning broke with clear, sunny skies. Mark Vanderbloomer posted the high 28 gauge score of 99. Wipperfurth topped Friesen (AA1) for runner-up in a shoot-off of 98s. Renk, an notable shoot-off expert beat Michaelynn in a shoot-off for class B. Kurt Lehman of Slater, Iowa, earned A class honors while Thomas and Jack Duwe won C and D, respectively.

Due to efficient shoot management, the final shot event of the Bald Eagle finished on-time with the final squad containing both high scores -- 97s by Friesen and Wipperfurth. Friesen finally overcame his shoot-off woes to become .410 champ. Henry Duwe earned A1 honors with his personal shoot high score of 95. Michaelynn and Thomas won B and C, respectively.

On their home field, Friesen and Wipperfurth separated themselves from the competition and dueled it out for HOA AND HAA. Friesen's consistently strong shooting led to winning HOA and HAA by seven and three targets, respectively. Throughout the entire shoot, two-man team of Friesen and Henry Duwe dominated the entire field of competition, winning all events. Full results are posted here.

We'd like to thank the Sauk Prairie Trap and Skeet president Al Lathrop for personally preparing and serving food throughout the shoot, the SCTP skeet shooters who loaded, set, and pulled targets, and Elise Duwe for shoot administration. It was great to see our friends from out-of-state and we hope to see even more shooters from out of state next year as we are one of the host sites for the U.S. Open on June 26-28, 2020.