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Mike Kipp Shoot Report

posted Aug 21, 2014, 9:55 AM by Henry Duwe   [ updated Aug 25, 2014, 12:21 PM ]
By Lee Thomas

After a long brutal winter of hibernation, sometimes shooting skeet in the snow on Sundays, North Bristol Skeet Shooters were more than anxious for the weather to turn sunny and warm. With the temperature hovering around 85 degrees the club’s skeet shooters dusted off their shotguns, after shooting the winter, league and ascended the hill for the Mike Kipp Memorial Skeet Shoot on Saturday, May 31. Sure there were other urgent matters to attend to that weekend. And never mind that the bluegills and walleye were biting, the grass needed cutting and garden needed planting. But all that had to wait. There were clay targets that needed to be broken, or not.

The Kipp Memorial is a four gun, 100 target each gun, registered shoot. Skeet Shoot is named in honor of Mike Kipp a long time skeet shooter who was highly regarded and respected by the club’s skeet shooters. Mike Kipp passed away while he and the North Bristol Skeet Team were participating in the Wisconsin State Skeet Shoot in Green Bay.

Memorial skeet shoots have been around since clubs have been hosting skeet shoot competitions and calling the "shoots" by names. Usually "memorial shoots" are named after a club person who had a lot of influence on the club’s skeet shooters, and who is no longer with us. The club names the shoot in honor of that person as a tribute to him/her and as a way of preserving a memory of him/her.

When you got one skeet field accommodating shooters without long waits becomes a matter of logistics. So club members shot doubles Friday afternoon to make room for Saturday shooters. Friday night after doubles competition, shooters were treated the North Bristol’s famous Friday Fish Fry of bluegills, walleye and cod.

Saturday morning seven Bristol shooters were joined by two more competitors. And the target breaking began. Paul Friesen and Jeff Varney tied with scores of 98 in the 12 gauge event. In a shoot off Friesen bested Varney to the take the title. Joey Schweppe took AAI with a 96, Henry Duwe was A1 with a 97, Greg Schweppe took B1 with 96 and Jenny Notstad took C1 with 96.

By the time the Doubles event began the temperature was warm but shooters didn’t mind. Joey Schweppe registered a 96 to take the title and Paul Friesen was runner up with 95. Henry Duwe was A1 with 91, Jeff Renk was B1 with 92, Jenny Notstad was C1 with 87 and Bill Schultz was D1 with 70.

Saturday after all the shooting was done for the day, shooters were invited to the home of Jeff and Annette Renk to eat and make merry. Jeff had caught shark in Florida during a recent family vacation and it was the guest of honor. Jeff knows his way around the grill and Annette isn’t afraid of being in the kitchen. The grilled shark was a hit as was Annette’s mojitos and strawberry short cake.

Sunday morning shooters converged on the hill again. It was the occasion for the little guns, as skeet shooters call them, the 28 gauge and .410. Jeff Varney turned in a score of 98 to seal the deal on the 28 gauge champion title. Joe Schweppe recorded 97 for the runner up spot, while Paul Friesen was AA1 with 95, Henry Duwe's 94 took A1 and Jenny Notstad was B1 with 95.

The squad had cleared station 1 and 2 when Jeff Varney stepped up to station 3 addressed the high house and called "pull." His shot was behind and the target landed safely on top of the pile of others that made it that far without being touched. Accessing his near break, Jeff said "Ooh Crap." Without hesitation and with the humor of Marty Python, Bill Schultz, who was pulling, came back with a classic comment, "There's no crying in skeet." The .410 event has made many a grown shooters cry. Now the .410 can break targets just as well as the 12 gauge, but for some reason the shooter’s brain tells him/her that you have to have to be more precise with your leads and then you tend to aim rather than shoot.

Paul Friesen registered a score of 94 to take the .410 championship and Jeff Renk was runner up with 92. Joe Schweppe was AA1 with 86, Jeff Varney was A1 with 92 and Greg Schweppe took B1 with 91. After the four hundred targets were tallied Paul Friesen took the HOA championship with 382 and Joe Schweppe was runner up with 375.