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Mike Peterson is Bald Eagle's Top Gun

posted Jul 6, 2018, 11:03 AM by Henry Duwe   [ updated Jul 6, 2018, 11:04 AM ]
By Lee Thomas
July 6, 2018

Mike Peterson, winner of three title at the 2015 World Skeet Championships, was the Bald Eagle
’s top gun.  The Bald Eagle Skeet Shoot was held at Sauk Prairie Trap and Skeet Club June 30-July 1, 2018 in Prairie du Sac, Wisconsin. Peterson posted a 392 HOA event score and a 489 in the HAA event edging out Rick Curtin who posted a 487 and a 388.

Shooters found the weather hot, but tolerable. When the first flight of the 12-gauge event took to the fields at 9AM it was 82 degrees and felt like 90 in the shade. Shooters coped with the high temperatures and humidity by drinking lots of bottled water. The order of the day: hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

There were no perfect scores in the 12-gauge event. Mark Reichow and Rick Curtin each posted 98’s.  Reichow was triumphant in the shoot for the CH, with Curtin
earning RU.  A trio of 97’s went to stations 3,4,5 to decide AA1, AA2, and AA3.  Mike Peterson was the last shooter standing, taking AA1, Mike Hass was AA2 and Paul Friesen was AA3.  In class A, Jim Perpich (96) A1 and Jim Decker (94) was A2.  Class B went to Joe Marr (97), B2 went to Gary Wipperfurth (96) and B3 went to Don Kelly (95).  Craig Storm (95) won C1, Woody Niles (94) was C2 and Dave Hill (94) was C3.  Ken Schmirler (91) was D1.

The temperature was 91 degrees by 11am, and still climbing. A pair of 99’s was posted in the 20-gauge event by Rick Curtin and Mike Peterson.  When the smell of gun powder cleared the air, Curtin emerged as CH, with RU going to Peterson.  Gary Wipperfurth (98) was AA1, Henry Duwe (97) was AA2, and Paul Friesen (96) won AA3.  Jeff Renk’s 96 earned him the top spot in Class B.  Craig Storm (94) was B2, and B3 went to Dave Hill (94). Ken Schmirler (92) was C1 and Don Kelly (90) was C2.

By the time the first doubles flight took to the fields around 2pm, the temperature was approaching 94. Rick Curtin missed one target in the Doubles event, turning in a 99 to take CH.  Mike Peterson’s 97 earned him RU.  In Class A, Mike Hass (97) was A1, Henry Duwe (93) was A2 and Paul Friesen (91) was A3.  Don Kelly (92) took the top spot in Class B.  Dave Hill (89) was B2 and Joe Marr (86) was B3.  Ken Schmirler (93) was king of the hill in Class C with Craig Storm (90) taking C2.

After the shoot offs, we settled into the clubhouse for cold beverages (compliments of SPTS), hors d’ oeuvre (compliments of Subway and Milio’s) and conversation before dinner.  You’d think that conversations would be mostly about how hot it is and the target that was missed.  But it wasn’t. Folks were glad to see other, talked about who wasn’t shooting, new guns, new babies, new jobs, surgeries, grandchildren, new skeet machines. For dinner Yvonne served us, roast beef sandwiches, baked beans, potato salad, and a variety of cookies for desert.

The hotness and humidity gave way to rain showers Saturday night after dinner.  It brought a welcomed reprieve, and an end to what had been a sweltering day at the Bald Eagle. 

Sunday morning saw temperatures moderated.  Michael Peterson got them all in the 28-gauge event to take CH.  Paul Friesen (99) was RU.  Gary Wipperfurth (98) took AA1, Mark Reichow (97) was AA2 and Jim Decker (97) was AA3.  In Class A, Henry Duwe (92) was A1.  Craig Storm (96) took B1 and Woody Niles (93) won C1.

Going into the .410 bore event Sunday afternoon, one target separated Mike Peterson and Rick Curtin, 393 to 392, from the championship podium.  Neither shooter talked about it openly, but champions always know the score. They have been there.  Many times, before.      

Peterson and Curtin both ran the first .410 box.  In the second box Peterson dropped Low 1 and High 5.  Curtin also missed two targets in his second box, Low 1 Singles and the option.  They both turned in 48.  The third box was not compassionate to Peterson.  He lost High 1 while Curtin ran his third box.  After the third box, the HAA event was all tied at 465.  In his last .410 box, Curtin missed a Low 6 Doubles, and the option.  At station 8, Peterson dropped the high house and Curtin missed the Low house.  Peterson’s 24 edged out Curtin, who scored 22, for the HAA title by two targets, 489 to 487.

While Peters
on and Curtin were shooting for the HOA HAA titles, Craig Strom quietly took care business by shooting a 97 to take the .410 CH. Peterson (96) was RU, Curtin (95) took AA1, Paul Friesen (94) earned AA2, and Jim Decker (94) was AA3.  Gary Wipperfurth (94) won A1, Henry Duwe’s 94 earned him B1, with B2 going to Woody Niles (93).

ZONE 5 NOTE:  Sauk Prairie Trap and Skeet Club will host the Zone 5 Skeet Championships on August 10-12, 2018.  Zone 5 consist of nine states:  Iowa, Illinois, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin.  See: for more information.