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Mr. Pig Watch Central/Zone 5 Round up

posted Aug 17, 2015, 2:09 PM by Michael Peterson
Mr. Two Eyed Pig, Jr. attended the Zone 5 Skeet Championships at the Minneapolis Gun Club on August 7th-9th.  He is pictured here overseeing the Doubles Shootoffs.  Three Shooters tied with 97's. After a glitch on Station 4 of the first box, and getting let off the hook, Mike Peterson rallied and ran 2 boxes plus 2 stations to win the Doubles Championship.

Saturday Morning brought wind and scores reflected the adverse conditions, none of the Wisconsin shooters were able to make it to the 12 ga Championship Shootoff.  However two shooters one from Minnesota and one from Nebraska both shot their first 100s ever and ended up competing for the Zone 5 Championship.  The shooter from Nebraska won the brief shootoff.

Saturday afternoon brought better conditions and 2 Wisconsin shooters were able to run the 100 and make it to the shootoff.  Mike Peterson dropped out early, but Jim Decker completed the box and won the shootoff on the last station of the first box.  This is Jim's second time winning the 20ga championship at Minneapolis Gun Club.  The first being his first ever hundred, way back in 2000.  

Sunday Morning brought the 28 Gauge and some more fantastic shooting for WSSA members.  Jim Decker and Matt Savolainen ran the 28 gauge and got themselves a ticket to the big dance.  Jim must have been distracted by a pork chop as he exited fairly quickly from the shootoff, and Matt was left to hold up the Wisconsin shooters.  Matt finished Runner-Up to one of the hottest shooters at the Zone.

Sunday afternoon brought a few showers for some of the competitors, but Jim Decker once again found himself in a tie for the .410 Championship.  Jim was also in a tie for the HOA championship and must have wanted to move on to that shootoff because the shootoff didn't last long before Gary McNevin of Minneapolis bested him.  Jim however was just warmed up enough to go and capture the HOA championship in a shootoff.  Congrats Jim.

Many other Wisconsin Shooters were present at the Zone shoot including Jack Tans, Don Kelly, Craig Storm, Woody Niles, Ken Schmirler, Randy Riehle, Paul Friesen, Dave Ruokolainen, Dave Savolainen, and Dylan Ruokolainen.  All the shooters present did Wisconsin proud and showed all those other Zone 5 states where the best shooters come from!

Still no word on what Mr. Pig Sr. is up to. Check your WSSA Website Weekly for the latest updates.
Michael Peterson,
Aug 17, 2015, 2:09 PM