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U.S. Open Recap

posted Sep 10, 2014, 1:49 PM by Henry Duwe
By Michael Peterson

Nine shooters from Wisconsin travelled to St. Joe Valley Conservation Club just north of Fort Wayne, Indiana.  The big winner of the weekend was Jim Decker who took runner up in the 28 gauge event! Good job Jimmy!

Decker powernaps in preparation for evening shootoffs.
The Doubles event was completed on Thursday with Jack Tans taking VT22 and Don Kelly taking VT23.  Most of the 12 gauge was also shot on Thursday however a few squads finished the round on Friday.  Unfortunately a transformer failed causing power losses to half of the fields for half of the day on Friday!  The grounds crew worked diligently and got the fields up and running again on Friday but the fields were behind and weather caused the 12 gauge shootoffs to move to Saturday.  Half of the 20 gauge event and the full 28 gauge events were completed on Saturday but do to time constraints only the 12 and 20 were shot off on Saturday with plenty of winners in both events.  In the 12 gauge Phil Plesetz took A6, Don Kelly took B3 and VTCH, Heidi Korando took SJ12, and Jack Tans took VT23.  In the 20 Mike Peterson took AAA3 and TSRU, Dave Maas took A2, Phil Plesetz took A5, Don Kelly took A6 and VT11, and Heidi Korando took SJ12.  Sunday completed the 410 event and the rest of the shootoffs.  Jim Decker and Mike Peterson both shot 100’s in the 28 with Jim taking RU and SRCH and Mike taking AAA1 and TSRU, Heidi Korando took SJ11, and Jack Tans took VT14.  In the .410 Mike Peterson took AAA3 and TS3, Jim Decker took AA5 and SRRU, Phil Plesetz took A3, Heidi Korando took C6 and SJ3, and Jack Tans took VT12.  The HOA event was won by Todd Bender with another 400x400, while the Wisconsin shooters took home some honors of their own.  Mike Peterson took AAA6 and TSRU, Phil Plesetz took AA6, Jim Decker took A1 and SR13, Heidi Korando took SJ12, and Don Kelly edged out Jack Tans for VT21 with Jack taking VT22.  In the final event Jim Decker took A3 in HAA.

Congratulations to all the shooters, way to represent the Badger State!