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World Shoot Recap

posted Jan 16, 2015, 11:56 AM by Henry Duwe   [ updated Jan 16, 2015, 2:01 PM by Henry Duwe ]
By Michael Peterson

6 Wisconsin shooters travelled to the National Shooting Complex in San Antonio to compete in the World Skeet Championships.  All six shooters competed in both the Mini World and the Main World Championship events.

Mini World Championships

Friday Doubles

The Mini World started with the Doubles on Friday. Of the Wisconsin shooters Jim Decker and Mike Peterson topped the scores both with 97s. Decker took A6, while Peterson took TS13 and Jack Tans earning VT16 honors with his 91.  The other scores were Dave Maas-91, Craig Storm-90, and Don Kelly-88.

Saturday 12 Gauge and 28 Gauge

The 12 gauge and 28 gauge were both shot on Saturday with many good scores shot by the Wisconsin shooters.  Kelly, Maas, and Peterson all led the way in the 12 gauge with 98’s, Decker and Tans tied with 97’s and Stormy shooting a 96.  Kelly earned VT19 and Peterson took TS19 in the 12 gauge event.

The 28 gauge saw the first hundred by a Wisconsin shooter with Peterson shooting a perfect score and taking AAA9 and TS11.  Stormy shot a solid 98, while Kelly, Maas, and Tans all coming in with 95’s and Decker bringing up the rear (as usual) with a 93.

Sunday 20 Gauge, .410 Bore, and HOA

Sunday again brought good fortune in the big gun with Peterson leading the way with his second 100, while Decker shot a 98, Kelly, Maas, and Tans all tied again with 97’s and Stormy shooting a 95.  Peterson took home AAA9 and TSRU.

The little gun was shot in the afternoon and Peterson led the way with a 98, with Decker right behind with a 97, and Maas right behind him with a 96.  Kelly and Tans again turned in the same scores at 94 in what was quickly becoming a Veteran class showdown between the two.  Stormy came in with 91.  Peterson took TS14, while the two old guys had it out for veteran honors with Jack taking VT16 and Don VT17.

HOA was added up and Peterson came home with a 396 good for TS3.  Maas came in next with a 386, Decker right behind him at 385.  The veteran class was as close as the rest of the event with Don edging out Jack by just a single target for a score of 384 good enough for VT17 with Jack coming in right behind with his 383 and VT18. Stormy shot a respectable 380.

Main World Championships

Pictured: Decker, Peterson, and Maas.

Monday Doubles 

Doubles was again the first event in the competition and Dave Maas led the Wisconsin shooters with a fantastic 99.  Peterson came in next with a 97, Tans with a 95, Kelly a 93, Decker a 92, and Stormy an 87.  Awards went to Maas for B1 (maybe the Army Corp of engineers should contact him the next time they need sandbags) and 2M24 with his partner Jim Decker. Peterson took home TS19 and 2M15 with his partner Mark Molenaar.  Jack Tans took home VT13 and Don Kelly VT17.

Tuesday 12 gauge East and West

Monday brought about a blistering hot day that was brutal on the referees who were stuck in the direct sunlight all day for 8 different flights of shooters compared to the regular 5 for the rest of the shoot. For those who have never attended the World Championships, the 12 Gauge is separated into two events of 75 targets, 12 Gauge East, 12 Gauge West.  One event is shot in the morning and the second in the afternoon with the scores being combined for the total.  In addition the top fields normally reserved for practice are also used to complete the events while the sun is still out.  The Wisconsin shooters powered through the gruesome heat to put together good scores, Peterson ran both events for a 150, Maas came in with a 147, Decker, Kelly, and Stormy all shot 146, and Jack being just edged out with his 145 by Don in what would turn out to be a reoccurring theme through the main event.  Awards went to Peterson for TS3 and 2M21, and Stormy for C6.

Wednesday 20 Gauge

The 20 gauge event brought about the best combined scores for the shooters from the badger state.  Maas and Peterson both ran the event with Decker and Kelly right behind with 99s, Tans with a 98 and Stormy with a 97.  Awards went to Maas for A10 and 2M21 with his partner Decker (in an unrelated note Maas complained of a sore back after this event).  Peterson earned TS3 and 2M12.  In the old timers slugfest Kelly got in another blow by taking VT13 with Jack taking VT15.

Thursday 28 Gauge

Thursday brought about a very stiff breeze causing many scores to take a hit.  Decker trying to pull his weight for his two man partner ground out a 99, Kelly came home with a 97, Peterson and Tans both had 96s, while Maas and Storm both finished with 94s.  Awards once again went to Don and Jack in the veteran concurrent VT16 and VT19 respectively.

Friday .410 Bore and HOA

The final day of competition again saw a breeze but not as bad as the previous day.  Don led the way with a 96 to put a dagger (as Wayne Larrivee would say) in the veteran competition with the soon to be President of the NSSA.  Maas and Peterson both came in with 95’s, Decker ended with a 92, Tans and Stormy turned in 91’s. Awards went to Don for VTRU, the fearsome twosome of Decker/Maas brought home 2M24 and Peterson grabbed TS19.

HOA was led by Peterson with 441 out of 450, Kelly brought home a 438, with Decker and Maas tying right behind at 436, Tans ended with a 430 and Stormy a 428.  Awards went to Peterson for TS13 and 2M15, Kelly earned VT3, the Decker/Maas two man brought home 2M24, and Tans VT18.

Pictured: Decker, X, Molenaar, Peterson, and Maas.

Good Shooting Everyone! You represented our state well.  Have a safe and warm winter; hope to see you when shooting starts back up!