State Shoot 2018

Added money!

NEW Schedule -- 5-person Squads; 2 rotations!

Event #1: State Doubles Championship

Friday August 24th:
    Rotation #1 2:00pm
    Rotation #2 3:00pm
    Rotation #3 4:00pm
100 Targets (50 Pairs)

Event #2: State 20 Gauge Championship
Sponsored by Renk Seed
Saturday August 25th:
    Rotation #1 10:00am
    Rotation #2 11:20am
100 Targets

Event #3: State 12 Gauge Championship
Sponsored by Becker Machine
Saturday August 25th:
    Rotation #1 1:20pm
    Rotation #2 2:40pm
100 Targets

Event #4: State 28 Gauge Championship
Sponsored by Staff Electric
Sunday August 26th:
    Rotation #1 11:20am
    Rotation #2 10:00am
100 Targets

Event #5: State .410 Championship
Sponsored by Systec
Sunday August 26th:
    Rotation #1 2:20pm
    Rotation #2 1:00pm
100 Targets

Event #6: HOA
Sponsored by Kolar

400 Targets -- 12ga, 20ga, 28ga, .410
Entry Fee: $10

Event #7: HAA
Sponsored by Sauk Prairie Trap and Skeet
500 Targets -- 12ga, 20ga, 28ga, .410, Dbls
Entry Fee: $10

Event #8: Champ of Champs
Sponsored by Briley
100 Targets -- Last 25 targes from 12ga, 20ga, 28ga, .410
No classes. Purse split 50/30/20. Open to all shooters.
Entry Fee: $10

Events 1-7 Additional Info
Anyone who shoots in the state shoot that is a resident will be required to pay $10 WSSA membership dues.
For events 1-7, $10 of every entry is returned to class; split as follows:
1-6 Entries: 100%, 7-13 Entries: 60/40%, >13 Entries: 50/30/20%

Event Champion receives the larger of either the posted added money for Champion, or $20 more than the highest class purse. Runner-up receives the larger of either the posted added money for Runner-up, or money equal to the highest class purse.

Optional Class Purse: $10 per event, returned to class, split as above.

2-Person Team: $5/person; Added money payouts to Overall CH (guaranteed to be larger than Class payouts); Purse payouts to Class I CH and Class II CH.

Concurrent Awards: Enter all that you qualify for -- no charge.

The Wisconsin State Skeet Championship is a "AA" shoot.

Added money payout schedule and any program changes will be posted before registration begins.

Wisconsin All State Challenge
Any competitor who has been named to the State Open First team, or who has won a State Championship gun title may enter. Doubles shoot-off from station 4 with the .410 bore. Entry fee $10. Winner take all. Please sign up at registration.

Reservations Requested. Five gun, five person squads will receive preference. Provide e-mail address if you want confirmation. Please make your motel reservations early. E-mail or call-in reservations to:
Henry Duwe